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24/7 Law Enforcement Treatment Initiative (LETI) Program:

The Delaware County Law Enforcement Treatment Initiative (LETI) Program, coordinated by the PA Attorney General’s Office and the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office, represents a groundbreaking collaboration between law enforcement agencies and treatment providers to address substance use within the community. LETI embodies a proactive and compassionate approach, aiming to divert individuals away from the criminal justice system and towards appropriate treatment and support services.


Mission and Objectives: The mission of the LETI Program is to enhance public safety, reduce recidivism, and improve the well-being of individuals struggling with substance use. Its core objectives include:


    1. Diversion: Identify individuals with substance use disorders who come into contact with law enforcement and divert them away from incarceration towards treatment and rehabilitation.
    2. Access to Treatment: Ensure that individuals receive timely access to evidence-based treatment, counseling, and support services tailored to their needs.
    3. Collaboration: Foster collaboration and communication between law enforcement agencies, treatment providers, healthcare professionals, social services, and community organizations to create a seamless continuum of care.
    4. Education and Awareness: Raise awareness within the law enforcement community about substance use, addiction as a disease, and the benefits of diversion programs in reducing recidivism and improving outcomes.

Key Components of the LETI Program: The LETI Program encompasses several key components to achieve its goals:


    1. Identification and Referral: Law enforcement officers receive specialized training to recognize signs of substance use disorders during interactions with individuals. When appropriate, officers divert eligible individuals away from arrest and refer them to treatment instead.
    2. Assessment and Case Management: Upon referral, individuals undergo a comprehensive assessment by qualified professionals to determine their treatment needs. Dedicated case managers work closely with participants to develop individualized treatment plans, coordinate services, and provide ongoing support.
    3. Treatment Options: Participants are connected with a range of treatment options, including detoxification programs, residential treatment facilities, outpatient counseling, medication-assisted treatment, peer support groups, and mental health services.
    4. Follow-Up and Monitoring: Case managers conduct regular follow-up with participants to monitor their progress, address barriers to treatment engagement, and provide additional support as needed. This ongoing support helps individuals stay on track with their recovery goals and reduces the risk of relapse.

Collaborative Partnerships: The success of the LETI Program relies on strong collaboration and partnerships among various stakeholders, including:


    • Law enforcement agencies (police departments, sheriff’s offices)
    • Treatment providers (substance abuse treatment centers, mental health clinics)
    • Healthcare professionals (physicians, nurses, therapists)
    • Social services agencies
    • Government agencies
    • Community organizations
    • Advocacy groups
    • Legal professionals (public defenders, prosecutors)

Outcomes and Impact: The LETI Program continuously evaluates its outcomes to measure effectiveness and inform program improvements. Key indicators of success include:


    • Reduction in arrests and incarceration rates for individuals with substance use disorders
    • Increased rates of engagement with treatment and support services
    • Improved health and well-being of participants, including reductions in substance use, improvement in mental health symptoms, and enhanced social functioning
    • Cost savings for the criminal justice system and communities through reduced recidivism and reliance on emergency services

The Delaware County Law Enforcement Treatment Initiative (LETI) Program exemplifies a collaborative and innovative approach to addressing substance use within the community. By diverting individuals away from the criminal justice system and towards treatment and support services, LETI helps promote recovery, reduce recidivism, and improve public safety and well-being for all residents.


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